Ares - Outdoor LED display


  outdoor LED display-Ares outdoor LED


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Outdoor LED display

High brightness display

The Ares outdoor LED display has a brightness of up to 10,000 nits, ensuring that the image is still clearly visible in various bright outdoor environments and attracts the audience's attention.


Diverse color options

In order to adapt to different design and environmental needs, outdoor LED Ares provides three color options of silver, white and black, which increases the aesthetics and applicability of the display.

Outdoor LED display
Outdoor Led display


Lightweight aluminum panel

Each panel weighs only 23 kilograms. The lightweight design makes the installation process simple and convenient, while also reducing the burden on the structure and reducing operating costs.


Energy-saving maintenance design

The Ares outdoor LED display uses a 1 meter by 1 meter aluminum cabinet. Its front and rear maintenance design does not require air conditioning assistance, effectively reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Outdoor LED display
  Ares dimensional drawing Ares dimensional drawing
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Outdoor LED screen size and installation requirements should be determined based on specific site and visibility needs. Suppliers will usually provide suggestions and solutions based on your requirements. You can learn about the current price of outdoor LED displays.


Outdoor LED screens are waterproof to handle rain and humidity. They usually meet IP65 or higher water resistance standards. This ensures the reliability of the screen in various weather conditions. Learn about LED IP levels in 5 minutes.


Outdoor LED screens usually have high brightness to ensure that they can still be seen clearly in sunlight or with sufficient light during the day. Here's what to know about nit brightness.