Flexible - Flexible LED display
Led curved screen  

Smooth Surface

Smooth surface, good flatness can provide you

super visual enjoyment.


Easy Maintenance

Magenetic design, light weight, eash to install,

transport and maintenance.


Led curved screen
Led curved screen  


Flexible Panel

Flexible panel, can match different creative needs.

Make the design more possibilities.

Sostron LED shaped screen-Flexible   flexible LED display   flexible LED screen

Flexible LED display is a flexible display technology that uses a flexible substrate that allows the display to bend, curl and adapt to different shapes without compromising its functionality. This technology is usually based on LED light-emitting diodes to create images. Do you know the price of flexible LED screens?


How is flexible LED different from ordinary LED display? The main difference is the flexibility and bendability of flexible LED displays. Ordinary LED displays are usually supported by a hard substrate, while flexible LED displays use a soft substrate that can be bent and curled to fit various curves and surfaces.


Flexible LED displays are used in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the following areas: billboards and signs; indoor and outdoor displays; technology displays and events; scientific research and art projects, etc. Here are 5 common types of flexible LED displays.